Hi there fellow basketball player! Are you tired of carrying that ball under your arm every time you’re off the court or have to stuff it inside your bag when you are leaving? Sounds a common problem, doesn’t it ? How about I introduce a new cool way to carry it around?

Let me introduce you to the newest and coolest way to carry the ball. The Revive Basketball Game Bag is designed perfectly to carry that ball which is made as per the set standards of basketball. Simply zip the ball inside the bag and you can strap it besides you sports bag, have it carried on your shoulder or back. According to the Kickstarter project it is the coolest way to carry your basketball. Check it out by clicking on the following link:


The Revive Game Bag was designed for the player who has on-the-go lifestyle. By simply zipping the ball inside the bag, you can carry it anywhere. The bag comes with three different straps for you. There’s the top strap which one can conveniently carry the ball with one hand, the second long strap which one can hang the bag over his/her shoulder or link it to the backpack and lastly, it also comes with two shoulder straps which if you prefer to run the ball will be safely riding on your back. Here you can rock the ball on your back while you even ride a bicycle or having your routine jogging. Once zipped inside, the ball cannot fall out accidentally.

Check out the following YouTube video that details how and when the bag can be used. This video not only explains how the bag can be used, it also illustrates the various situations in which one can link the bag to his backpack and carry it around.


From the structure of the basket ball which we were inspired to design from it, we have been able to create over 20 versions of our product. According to the designers of the product each game bag has the following features.

  • Custom print interior
  • 3 different colored basketball bags
  • Vegan leather
  • Splatter paint exterior design
  • Laser engraved zipper heads
  • Over the shoulder carrying strap
  • Tough exterior build

More details can be found on the website:


We at Revive Brand Company understand that basketball is not just a game, it is life. We combined function, age factors, determination, space and comfort for the basketball fanatic. That’s why we decided to come up with five cool designs that are best suited to our clients’ tastes and preferences. Firstly, there’s the LIGHTNING STRIKE design which pictures the determination power of you the player. Secondly is the AMERICAN FLAG design. We understand the basketball is the USA most favorite game and we didn’t want to disappoint the patriotic fans. Then is the WRATH Design which features the no nonsense player who is an achiever. Next is the GALAXY LIGHT design which is both light weight and for the ambitious player who is destined to win. Lastly is the RAMPAGE design which features animated faces and dragons for the young but aggressive and adventurous player.

Whatever your choice, the game bags are designed from high quality leather and synthetic material which is durable and strong. For more information about the different designs and pricing, click on the following link BASKETBALL BAGS


At Revive Brand Company, we price our products to make them affordable to customers. Currently, there is a sale which all the products have been given a $10 discount.

– Lightning Strike Design $35 on sale price $25

– America Design Game bag $34 on sale price $24

– Wrath Game bag design $34 on sale price $24

– Galaxy Light design $34 on sale price $24

– Rampage design bag $34 on sale price $24.

One can purchase safely from the site Alternatively, one can purchase the Hooper set which consists of your choice of one Game bag, a basketball and a mini pump. The package came be ordered through the page above. Order yours today.


According to John Santos, the founder of Revive Brand Company, despite starting with few resources and space, the company has grown to produce in large scale and meet the increasing demand for the bags. At Revive Brand Company, we are not only producers of basketball bags but other sports gear like sports shoes, backpacks and duffles. While you are training hard for that game, we are dedicated to producing the gear to make it happen. According to our founder John Santos on the following link: the product has become top tier as well. More details about what we do can be found on the website

The company which started in 2011 with only three people, has a diverse team of people who were brought together with the sole purpose of making bags and solving the problem. We have strong partnerships with our manufacturers and vital NBA endorsements for the products . With over a decade of experience, our team has a strong background of success in the sports gear manufacturing industry.

At Revive Brand Company we believe our customers are our celebrities. That is why we decided to set the slogan “Wake up and Win”. Each time we dedicate all our efforts in producing quality products for our customers.


Through various websites like Kickstarter, YouTube we have launched a campaign to not only advertise the game bags, but also create an awareness that will help market the product to the outside world. The game bag may be simple in its invention but serves a key purpose in carrying the basket ball in and out of the courts. We appreciate you our valuable client in doing business with us and help spread the word to players, coaches and teams.

Come join us in promoting this amazing product to help us carry those balls around! Show the world you’ve not only got the guts but also the readiness to play. Whatever your age, race, gender or professional level, you can secure your order today. We appreciate your feedback and hopefully see you enjoying your favorite game!


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